Attention All Real Estate Agents ... Every commission, bonus or compensation you've ever received is about to become dangerously obsolete because...

"For The First Time Ever, You Can Get Paid a TRUE 100 % Commission Without Paying Any Monthly Fee!"

"Hypie?  Yes.  Does it is possible? YES! …   And I can guarantee 
you've never seen OR heard about half of the stuff this company
can do for YOU."

Oikos Realty™ - Compensation

The Compensation for Oikos Realty™ Agents is very SIMPLE. They earn a TRUE 100 % of the commission collected on sales transactions without paying any franchise fee, office fee or any other monthly fee.

For Rent/Lease transactions,
Oikos Realty™ Agents earn 100 % of the commission collected less a $ 95.00 transaction fee.

Buyers and/or Sellers pay
Oikos Realty™ $395.00 at time of closing for processing, maintaining, and managing of the file and assistance in procuring of properties, buyers and negotiating of sales contract.

Oikos Realty™ Agents pay $ 55.00 on closed sales transaction to cover Errors and Omissions insurance.

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